Coming soon! New Ken Moss Experience (KME) release!

Here's music I recorded from 1982 through 2013. 

Below you'll find Acrylix, Shocko Bottom, Ken Moss Experience, Laughing Sam, and a few solo recordings from the 1980s.  And go to for that fine band.

These two videos are of Acrylix from a local access cable TV station in suburban Fairfax, VA, around 1985.  Note the Peavey amp, Steinberger bass, Minimoog, and Ibanez Les Paul copy guitar.  Part I.

Part II.

Color Blind (1983) - 4 song EP by Acrylix.  

Waiting in the Car (For You) (1982) - the yellow side of the first recording by Acrylix, a 45 rpm single.

Good Times (1984) - Multimix EP.  Featuring Ron Holloway (Rooy Boy Slim, Warren Haynes) on sax.

KME CD (2013), produced by Norman van der Sluys (drums, keys), with Charles Steck (bass), and Dan Robinson (mandolin).

I recorded these tunes in Chris Biondo's studio in Hyattsville, MD, circa 1985-88. 

13 unreleased tracks from Shocko Bottom, 1985-1986. 

9 unreleased tracks from Acrylix, circa 1985.

Laughing Sam (1999), engineered and produced by Tom Lyle (Government Issue).